About Us

Brian Carabee, founder and president of Aerial Arts,  has been flying unmanned aircraft for over two decades. Having studied cinematography at the prestigious Tisch School of The Arts at New York University, he brings to each project a fine eye for detail and a keen sense of story-telling that is rarely seen in the industry.

At Aerial Arts, we believe that safety is concern number one. Brian is an FAA certified pilot, holding a Small Unmanned Air Systems certification, and every one of our pilots holds the same certification, without exception. We are fully insured and we work closely with the FAA and local Air Traffic Control in order to ensure that your project is accomplished safely and legally.

We are driven to create videos that are unforgettable and stay true to the integrity of the subject matter. No two subjects are ever the same, and we excel at identifying the best way to deliver precisely the perception that our clients want to convey to their audience.

We strive to deliver that "Wow!" experience, both to you and to your prospects and clients. We invite you to give us a call today at 845-520-1115 to discuss how we can make your ideas "pop" and connect with your audience in ways that they simply cannot forget!

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